According to Dr. Robert Harold Schuller, “Tough times never last, but tough people do”. Like here in JuanCash, we are at our utmost dedication in serving the Filipinos. We are very proud to showcase one of our team players in JuanCash. Meet our Business Development Officer, Henry Almanzor.

Standard Questions:

1. Tell us something about yourself:

I am John Henry Navarro Almanzor, but people call me Henry for short. 23 years of age, South kid, Full-Time employee and Full-Time law student. I have a degree in Political Science from Adamson University (Batch 2017) and I am currently in my third year in law school. I am a musical theatre nerd and I hoard all kinds of books such as the works of Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling, Mitch Albom, and Dan Brown. I like taho, fishball, and kwek kwek. I don’t believe in the concept of love, because for me, love is nothing but a series of chemical chain reactions in the brain caused mainly by Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin. Hahahaha. Should you need any advice, (except legal ones, hindi pa po me abogado, hehe), I’m your guy! Find me in any of my social media accounts and shoot your queries. 😊

2. How are you and your family during this pandemic?

I’d say my Family and I became more connected and closer during this pandemic. I was able to spend more time with them since I was working from home and my classes are conducted online. Sobrang daming adjustments ang nangyari but we are thankful kasi despite the challenges we are facing each day, we are still in good health, surviving and we are together; and that’s what really matters. To be honest, this pandemic made me realized how important it is to spend every moment with the people you love and to be just there for each other.

3. Tell us your day to day activities in JuanCash:

I usually start my day with coffee. Working as a Business Development Officer entails a lot of responsibilities but my work focuses more on the documentation side of our department’s operation and assisting my co-workers. Most of the time, I coordinate with the different departments to address issues pertaining to our accounts and try to resolve it. Aside from contacting potential clients and tedious meetings, I am also tasked to draft and review legal documents.

4. What interests you working for JuanCash?

The rapid development of digital media and financial technology in today’s time provides more learnings and experiences. As a person who seeks more wisdom, JuanCash offers a good training ground where one can grow exponentially.

5. Outside work, what do you usually do?

I am either in the library sleeping or studying tons of articles and cases for my classes, or in coffee shops still reading and panicking with my friends. After classes we go sa tambayan near our campus to drink and just rant about how hard law school is. During holidays or long weekends, my friends and I go for long drives to our happy places like Baguio, La Union, Tagaytay, or sometimes kung saan na lang kami dalhin ng mga trip namin. Kapag walang ganap tulog lang ako magdamag.

6. Share something random about yourself:

I am an only child na allergic sa sardinas and yet I still eat them. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a spoiled brat. I collect highlighters and different colors of pens. I don’t have any games in my phone and I don’t like taking selfies, unless may mga kasama ako (I think that’s called groupies? lol). I am a Libra and ang chika is charming, beautiful, and well-balanced daw kami. My mom would describe me as her favorite cutiepie and wala siyang choice kasi nagiisa lang me. Haha!

7. If you get to choose your name, what would it be and why?

Sam. Short for Samgyupsal. 😊

8. Sabi nila, don’t judge a book by its cover. But if you’re a cover, who can judge you?

Pwede bang ako na lang yung judge? so I can judge everyone and get away with it? Hahaha. Char.

9. Pag ang tao na dating possessed ay muling pinasukan ng masamang espirito, siya ba ay “repossessed”?

Ang mas magandang tawag dun eh, PV1.1 (Possession with vengeance version 1.1) kasi this time the return is with the vengeance na dahil pinalayas siya before. (Tumawa kayo please, ang hirap magpatawa hahaha).

10. If you were trapped in an island, how did you get there in the first place?

I got there from an airplane crash or submarine crash, kung ano na lang feasible. Hahaha. I’m the only one alive because I am a survivor!

-plays Survivor/I will Survive by Destiny Child and Gloria Gaynor-

11. What is your favorite line from any movie? And Why?

“Nagpakatatag ako. Nagpakatigas ako. Kasi kailangan ko. Pero ‘di dahil matigas ako wala na akong pakiramdam. Na hindi na ako nasasaktan. Nasasaktan naman ako.” — Bobbie on The Confrontation scene, Four Sisters and a Wedding

I love this movie, sino bang hindi? Hahaha. I can relate to Bobbie kasi she has this strong personality yet she’s empathetic pa rin. Ready siyang lumaban para sa mga mahal niya sa buhay kahit na nasasaktan na siya and most importantly I love the scene where kinaladkad niya si you-know-who by the hair, grabe lang. Power!

Final Question:

What is your advice to every ‘Juan’ during these challenging times?

Please always wear your masks when going outside, avoid crowded places, always practice social distancing, and never ever forget to wash your hands. I know that life is hard nowadays, but a simple act of kindness goes a long way. Hangga’t kayang tumulong sa kapwa, go lang! Never lose hope and kaya natin ‘to! Padayon!



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